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Unlock Your Investment Potential

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Heywood Partners is a specialised Real Estate Firm focussed on property investment.


We provide a complete end to end service and can help you find, purchase, finance and manage your property investments.


You can take advantage of over 20 years of direct experience in the Melbourne property market to help you find the best options for what you are trying to achieve.


Not all property performs the same so it is important for you to get information on what may work best for you.


Heywood Partners do not run seminars, publish books or other type of property marketing activities - we just sell and manage great properties.

Boris has over 21 years of experience in Melbourne property and it’s hard to find someone else who can match that level of experience and knowledge.


What that means to you is a better result through a better understanding of the way the Melbourne Property market works.


When you are dealing with Heywood Partners you are dealing directly with Boris and not a salesperson working on quotas and targets, so not only do you get personalised service but there is no hurry or rush from a pushy salesperson.


You will have the information and time to make the right decision on your investment needs.


There is no charge to speak to Boris directly.  Click here to link up now

Boris Papuga, Director of Heywood Partners


Buying or selling a property ?


Get 21 years of experience on your side.


Whether you are buying or selling it doesn’t hurt to have 21 years of industry experience to draw on.


Get a better result, click here to find out more


Finance is an extremely important aspect of purchasing property.


The wrong finance solution can cost you time and money


Heywood Partners has a team of Finance Professionals you can meet who can make sure you have the best structure in place for your personal circumstances.


Click here to find out to find out more about meeting the right Finance Professional for you


Heywood Partners does not provide finance or financial services.


It is highly recommended that all property investors consult a fully accredited Financial Planner.


You would be surprised how many Property Investors have not considered personal and income insurance, Superannuation, estate planning and personal financial planning and yet these are some of the most important decisions you can make in your life.


If you don’t have a plan for your future then you will be part of someone else’s plan.


Click here to find out more about meeting the right Financial Planner for you


Heywood Partners does not provide finance or financial services.


There is a misconception amongst people who don’t understand property matters that there is  “ a property market “


There is no such thing as “ the property market “


The “ Property Sector “ in Australia is made up of several different “ Property Markets “ all of which perform differently and at separate times to each other.


Ever wondered why some people do better out of property than others ?  That is why.


We can show you and give you information on:


*  what these different sectors are

*  how they perform

*  why they all perform differently


This is crucial information for you to know when purchasing your investment properties


You should not purchase any investment property unless you have an excellent understanding of these points.


Click here to find out more about these and other important points


Heywood Partners has a unique blend of experience and customer service to help you get the most out of your property buying experience.


We are committed to help you get the best outcome out of your most valuable asset... Time

By Appointment


Heywood Partners is located at:

Suite 1604 - 90 Lorimer Street,
Docklands. VIC. 3008


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To help investors purchase and manage properties in the best performing sectors of the Melbourne Property market.


There is no “one property market”   The property sector in Australia is made up of several sectors all of which perform differently.


Heywood Partners director Boris Papuga begun working with property investors in 1994 and has had over 20 years of first hand experience with Melbourne Property.


There is no substitute for experience.


Melbourne has changed significantly over the last 20 years and is rapidly changing into the future.


Based on our experience Heywood Partners focusses on areas of proven capital growth and rent returns.


Whether you are looking to buy one property or to grow a portfolio we can help you figure out how to get through a sometimes confusing selection of options currently available.


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Heywood Property Management is a boutique property management agency using leading technology and personalised communication to provide you a higher level of service and professionalism, whilst maximising your financial return.


Most local agencies stretch their resources too thinly which results in less time to care for your property and to communicate with you.


Instead of focusing on volume, we focus on service. Servicing your tenants for a better rental and servicing landlords for better communication.